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1 @RickyGervais Ricky Gervais 97 5.93M Comedian and Actor Congratulate
2 @CaitlinMoran Caitlin Moran 96 0.51M Writer and Columnist Congratulate
3 @imLucyWatson Lucy Watson 96 0.77M Made in Chelsea Congratulate
4 @EdSheeran Ed Sheeran 96 10.2M Singer Congratulate
5 @JamieLaing_UK Jamie Laing 96 0.90M Made in Chelsea Congratulate
6 @MesutOzil1088 Mesut Özil 96 7.77M Arsenal Player Congratulate
7 @StephenFry Stephen Fry 96 7.16M Actor and Writer Congratulate
8 @JackWilshere Jack Wilshere 96 1.54M Arsenal Player Congratulate
9 @OwenJones84 Owen Jones 95 0.21M Journalist Congratulate
10 @David_Cameron David Cameron 95 0.75M Prime Minister Congratulate
11 @JoshUJWorld Josh Cuthbert 95 0.68M Union J Congratulate
12 @LethalBizzle Lethal Bizzle 95 0.26M Singer Congratulate
13 @Mark_Beech Mark Beech 95 0.09M Music Journalist Congratulate
14 @GeorgeUJWorld George Shelley 95 0.66M Union J Congratulate
15 @AaronRamsey Aaron Ramsey 95 1.52M Arsenal Player Congratulate
16 @Joey7Barton Joey Barton 95 2.66M QPR Player Congratulate
17 @Podolski10 Lucas Podolski 95 2.09M Arsenal Player Congratulate
18 @RiofFerdy5 Rio Ferdinand 95 5.81M QPR Player Congratulate
19 @danisnotonfire Dan Howell 94 1.43M You Tube Vlogger Congratulate
20 @lilyallen Lily Allen 94 4.79M Singer Congratulate
21 @Ed_Miliband Ed Miliband 93 0.34M Labour Party Leader Congratulate
22 @_OlivierGiroud_ Olivier Giroud 93 1.04M Arsenal Player Congratulate
23 @davidschneider David Schneider 93 0.19M Comedian Congratulate
24 @jackwhitehall Jack Whitehall 93 2.52M Comedian Congratulate
25 @JJUJWorld JJ Hamblett 93 0.42M Union J Congratulate
26 @MehdirHasan Mehdi Hasan 93 0.14M Journalist Congratulate
27 @professorgreen Professor Green 93 2.03M Singer Congratulate
28 @MayorofLondon Boris Johnson 93 0.96M Mayor of London Congratulate
29 @JessieJ Jessie J 93 6.57M Singer Congratulate
30 @OfficialChip Chip 93 0.54M Singer Congratulate
31 @EllieGoulding Ellie Goulding 93 3.4M Singer Congratulate
32 @grimmers Nick Grimshaw 93 1.66M DJ Congratulate
33 @marcuschown Marcus Chown 93 0.02M Scientist Congratulate
34 @laurenlaverne Lauren Laverne 92 0.32M DJ and Presenter Congratulate
35 @LouiseAThompson Louise Thompson 92 0.56M Made In Chelsea Congratulate
36 @example Example 92 2.04M Singer Congratulate
37 @sunny_hundal Sunny Hundal 92 0.05M Journalist Congratulate
38 @BroadcastMoose Ian Abrahams 92 0.15M Broadcaster Congratulate
39 @Paigey_Cakey Paige Meade 92 0.038M Actor Congratulate
40 @sturdyAlex Alex Andreou 92 0.02M Writer Congratulate
41 @IanWright0 Ian Wright 92 0.91M Football Pundit Congratulate
42 @hazardeden10 Eden Hazard 92 2.99M Chelsea Player Congratulate
43 @TanyaBurr Tanya Burr 92 0.93M Fashion Blogger Congratulate
44 @gracedent Grace Dent 92 0.21M Writer Congratulate
45 @simonpegg Simon Pegg 92 4.33M Actor Congratulate
46 @MrDDyer Danny Dyer 92 0.92M Actor Congratulate
47 @alaindebotton Alain de Botton 92 0.45M Philosopher Congratulate
48 @JackHarries Jackson Harries 92 2.18M Youtube Vlogger Congratulate
49 @JamesBlunt James Blunt 92 0.86M Singer Congratulate
50 @JaymiUJWorld Jaymi Hensley 92 0.39M Union J Congratulate
51 @FinnHarries Finn Harries 92 2.18M Youtube Vlogger Congratulate
52 @campbellclaret Alistair Campbell 92 0.28M Political Strategist Congratulate
53 @StellaCreasy Stella Creasy 91 0.05M MP for Walthamstow Congratulate
54 @jonsnowC4 Jon Snow 91 0.50M News Presenter Congratulate
55 @BinkyFelstead Binky Felstead 91 0.73M Made In Chelsea Congratulate
56 @jamaledwards Jamal Edwards 91 0.15M Music Video Director Congratulate
57 @VictoriaBH Victoria Baker-Harber 91 0.14M Made In Chelsea Congratulate
58 @StGeorgeGroves George Groves 91 0.26M Boxer Congratulate
59 @Caradelevingne Cara Delevingne 91 1.81M Model Congratulate
60 @TinieTempah Tinie Tempah 91 1.55M Singer Congratulate
61 @EmWatson Emma Watson 91 14.3M Actor Congratulate
62 @fearnecotton Fearne Cotton 91 5.29M DJ and Presenter Congratulate
63 @PennyRed Laurie Penny 91 0.10M Journalist Congratulate
64 @JohnRentoul John Rentoul 91 0.04 Journalist Congratulate
65 @andros_townsend Andros Townsend 91 0.26M Tottenham Player Congratulate
66 @bengoldacre Ben Goldacre 91 0.34M Scientist Congratulate
67 @flashboy Tom Phillips 91 0.01M Journalist Congratulate
68 @ChukaUmunna Chuka Umunna 90 0.08M MP for Streatham Congratulate
69 @oliverproudlock Oliver Proudlock 90 0.42M Made In Chelsea Congratulate
70 @arusbridger Alan Rusbridger 90 0.14M Journalist Congratulate
71 @markgatiss Mark Gatiss 90 0.54M Actor and Writer Congratulate
72 @FelicityMorse Felicity Morse 90 0.02M Journalist Congratulate
73 @faisalislam Faisal Islam 90 0.08M Journalist Congratulate
74 @Nigella_Lawson Nigella Lawson 90 0.66M Chef Congratulate
75 @wossy Johnathon Ross 90 3.84M TV Presenter Congratulate
76 @PeterTatchell Peter Tatchell 90 0.05 Rights Campaigner Congratulate
77 @adamhess1 Adam Hess 90 0.04M Comedian and Writer Congratulate
78 @NickCohen4 Nick Cohen 90 0.03M Journalist Congratulate
79 @helenlewis Helen Lewis 90 0.04M Journalist Congratulate
80 @RobinInce Robin Ince 90 0.10M Comedian Congratulate
81 @indiaknight India Knight 90 0.11M Journalist Congratulate
82 @leonalewis Leona Lewis 90 1.19M Singer Congratulate
83 @MichaelRosenYes Michael Rosen 90 0.06M Writer Congratulate
84 @jameelajamil jameela Jamil 90 0.17M DJ and Presenter Congratulate
85 @SpencerGeorgeM Spencer Matthews 90 0.72M Made in Chelsea Congratulate
86 @holland_tom Tom Holland 90 0.02M Historian Congratulate
87 @SadiqKhan Sadiq Khan 89 0.04M MP for Tooting Congratulate
88 @HadleyFreeman Hadley Freeman 89 0.06M Journalist Congratulate
89 @mrjamesob James O'Brien 89 0.05M DJ Congratulate
90 @George_Osborne George Osborne 89 0.09M Chancellor of the Exchequer Congratulate
91 @clarebalding Clare Balding 89 0.54M TV Presenter Congratulate
92 @Peston Robert Peston 89 0.38M Journalist and Economist Congratulate
93 @RitaOra Rita Ora 89 3.78M Singer Congratulate
94 @dragonjones Peter Jones 89 0.9M Businessman and Dragon Congratulate
95 @benphillips76 Ben Phillips 89 0.006M Oxfam Campaigns and Policy Director Congratulate
96 @mermhart Miranda Hart 89 1.60M Comedian Congratulate
97 @CarrieHFletcher Carrie Hope Fletcher 89 0.32M Actor Congratulate
98 @DawnHFoster Dawn Foster 89 0.01M Journalist Congratulate
99 @JKCorden James Corden 89 4.34M Actor Congratulate
100 @HackneyAbbott Diane Abbott 89 0.07M MP for Hackney North Congratulate


The key is to understand how other people respond to a tweeter. Your rating is a function of other people’s assessments. This process, a bit like voting, is harder for a single individual to ‘game’. Each person is then assigned a London PI-score (LPi-score) from 1 to 100. This being the top of the tree, all of our Top 100 have scores above 89. The London Pi-score is an influence score in the context of the London Twittersphere.

For the London 100, we focussed only on whether other people in the capital were responding to, retweeting or engaging with a tweeter.

Our maths also assesses who the people engaging with an influencer are. So a retweet from someone highly influential is worth more than a retweet from an average person. The number of followers does not factor in the weighting.
We crunched around 10bn tweets and looked at more than 150m accounts on Twitter to generate this list.

We did a couple of small pieces of editorialisation: